A little french classic from Nice

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• Street photography •

Limited edition series

• Black and White classic photography
• Fine art glossy paper
• Framed 20 х 30 cm

I love classic photography. It's deffinitely defined a state of mind that is expecting a calm and contemplation of the scenery. Black and White photography can be exposed in any kind of Photography's genres and sub-genres. It's more stylistic grip than a photography genre. The name Classic photography becomes from the very begining of the Photography history when all the images were shot on film lens, only available in Black & White color till the invention of Color photography in 1855 by James Maxwell. My photography series from my STREET selection are featuring Street photography, Architectural photography and Abstraction details - a typical minimalism approach of Contemporary photography. Some images are shot on film.

You can find my photographs also at Bare Hands society shop at Gen.Gourko str., 27, Sofia, BG. 🙂

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